Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day #17 8/28

Lincoln is up to 1810 grams today, which, by my calculation is 3 pounds and 15.8458712 ounces!!! Maybe he'll be up to 4 pounds tomorrow! So exciting! I spent six hours with Link this afternoon, two care times (with 2 poopy diapers), 2 kangaroo care times, 2 nursing attempts, and 2 pumping sessions. Link just loves to nuzzle! He's also been bumped up to 36 ml of milk every three hours, so I imagine he'll keep growing like a little weed!

I'm trying to figure out if he has features that look like mine or Brent's, but he just seems too little to have locked into his looks! I think he's got my nose, and obviously he's got Brent's extra dark brown hair...but other than that, I don't know! What do you think?


Justin Farmer said...

All this must be so very exciting! Hopefully we can meet the lil guy next time we are visiting my family in Denver. As for the features, it is hard to tell this early, especially without a straight on face shot where he's just chillin'.

Melissa said...

Like Brent.
Sorry love.