Sunday, January 11, 2009

Halloween 2008

This is my old Dorothy costume from when I was in my first play at 13 years old. It's more snug now. In fact, what you don't see in this picture is my inability to breath with it on. It seemed to be a popular costume anyhow.
Brent dressed up as himself for our ward trunk-or-treat. Any chance he can get to wear those spandex bike shorts...
We had a little halloween dinner at our place with some buds from med school.
Dave and Cara were so charming as to create a dessert in honor of DaVinci.
Still stuck on "The Wizard of Oz", I made little melted witch puddles out of melted white chocolate, oreos, pretzels, coconut (dyed), and chocolate dipped Bugles.
Step aside Edward hubby is the hottest neck biter around! I did his makeup, of course.
I was a less convincing vampire.

This RIP cracker dip was a hit!

This is what kind of teacher I am...

Fashion disaster day during Spirit Week at my school. I had fun.