Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brent climbs the highest peak in Wyoming!

Brent set out this weekend on a 44 mile journey to hike Mt. Gannett, the highest peak in Wyoming. It lies in the Wind River Range. He and a good buddy, Luke, set out on Friday immediately after a big med. school test mid morning, and really never slept until Saturday night for a few hours. They had to use crampons and ice axes and ropes and all that jazz that makes it a climb far beyond any other peak he's done. Hopefully Brent will eventually get over his fatigue and write more about the experience to go along with these pictures.


So, we left the game at the top of the 12th inning since I had to be at school early the next morning. We listened for awhile on the radio in the car, but then the Giants were ahead by three and we gave up hope and turned it off. Only at 11:30 p.m. as we were just about in bed did we get a phone call letting us know that the Rockies had hit a GRAND SLAM and won the game. We couldn't BELIEVE that we didn't stick it out! GO ROCKIES!

Coeur d'Alene Triathlon

Brent preps for the swim.
The swim course was 0.9 miles...more than an Olympic length. Brent was pleased to find the usually chilly CDA waters to be rather pleasant, and he didn't get kicked in the face, so altogether it was a pleasant swim. If you look closely you can see Tawny on the left hand side. She's the first bright orange volunteer shirt you see.
The bike course was pretty hilly, but GORGEOUS! Most of it followed along the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene.
Have you ever seen such a smiley triathlete?
Brent on the last leg of the run with Lake Coeur d'Alene in the background.
A grand finish!

Happy to be done!
Transition area. It was a well-attended event at around 750 participants.
Ready to go home and SLEEP!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Lost City (and pictures) of Machu Picchu

When we arrived at the Sun Gate (after having started on the trail long before dark so we could be the first), we were somewhat disappointed because all of Machu Picchu was clouded over (it is a cloud forest) and we thought for sure that we wouldn't have any good pictures. Shortly thereafter, this is what we found....
These are the only surviving pictures from our camera. The day we got home, we were in a hurry to leave for another community to do research, so I just sent these two photos to some family to tide them over until we got back. Little did I know that a week later when we returned, we'd be robbed of both the computer and camera and that these photos would forever stand alone. We have since received some photos from friends who did the trail with us, but mostly group shots or photos in which we were accidentally present. More to come...