Friday, August 20, 2010

9 days old (31 weeks with time in the belly) 8/20/10

Lincoln was great today. He's so fun and wiggly and adorable! His feedings are now up to 33 ml every three hours. My milk has about 20 calories per oz. and they're now fortifying it to 22 calories per oz. I know, big deal, right? Actually, it's a bit of a shock on a baby's belly. Lincoln spit up a little because of it, so the nurse gave him his next feeding over a period of 45 minutes rather than 30, and it went just fine. He's also now starting to gain weight back again (babies lose weight for a few days, then gain back to their birth weight and then go crazy). I got a solid two straight hours of kangaroo time. Then daddy got to change Link's diaper and he peed all over the place! Typical boy! We tried nursing again, but Link acted kind of wide-eyed and dumb-founded, so I guess we'll try another day. It was pretty funny actually. He's still really early. Brent had kangaroo time too. Needless to say, we're getting a lot of reading in at the hospital! It was a good day. No tears!


Rachel & Dallas Jenkinson said...

wow so glad things are going great. Babies are pretty amazing. So ho9w much does he weigh now?

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Karel said...

It is exciting each day to read about the progress! Just wish I could still be there... but not much I could do except to take pictures and feel good seeing him. Be sure to drink lots of water, and eat good whole foods.