Sunday, August 22, 2010

11 days in the NICU 8/22

Brent and I headed straight to the hospital after sacrament meeting today to see our little guy. He's so precious! We started off the visit with care time (diaper, temperature, vitals), then some kangaroo time, and rounds. Once again, he's doing great, but progress will be slow for awhile. They're keeping him at 33 ml of my milk every 3 hours, but now raising the fortification from 22 calories per oz. to 24. We'll get him fattened up in no time! Ha ha. He's kind of a long skinny thing, so it might take awhile! We tried nursing again. He's getting used to it...a couple little sucks, then a lot of wide-eyed looking around, an adjusting of his mouth, taste of a drop of looks like he's really thinking about it! It's still very early to see much improvement in that arena, but I figure that a little exposure to it each day while he's receiving the milk from his feeding tube will help him associate the full tummy with the invasion. :) We were privileged to have a visit from my step-brother Roland, his wife Marci and their 3 kiddos, Noah, Emma, and Kaisa today. They were passing through on their way back to Virginia and wanted to meet the little guy. They gave us the cutest little dinosaur outfit that's in premie size, so it's perfect! We also were visited by Brent's med school/mountaineering buddies, Luke and Corey and Corey's wife, Kim who have been dying to meet Lincoln. We are so blessed to have such great friends, and the visits are great because they make the long 4-5 hour hospital visits more like a party! It's fun to show our little guy off. Yesterday we finally rememebered to bring in a little cd player and some cds of Bach and Mozart. We've got to get those little neurons connecting! Heaven knows I'm a big believer in the healing power of music...and whether or not Brent thinks that it's "evidence based" or not, he's a big fan of the classics. Ha ha...with all this good music exposure and those long fingers, Lincoln will be playing at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in no time!!!

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Melissa said...

Keep the nip sips coming. He'll get it in no time!