Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long's Peak...FINALLY!

Long's is a tough 14er at 14,259 feet (4,346 m). Brent attempted this peak last summer and was not able to summit. It's been haunting him ever since. On a clear day in Aurora, we can see the whole front range, and Long's used to stand out on the North end...laughing at him. Well, not anymore!!! Brent was able to go up this last month and conquer at last! And in the winter!!!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome!!! Those hurdles are probably mostly mental and it feels so good to get over them!

Rachel & Dallas Jenkinson said...

WOW... that is pretty stinkin' cool Brent!! Can't wait to hear more details. Love ya guys

Aaron said...

Hey Brent and Brenna, long time no see. I had no idea you were such the mountaineers! It looks like all you have left is Mt. Whitney in the continental US and you've got all of the biggest ones.