Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brenna making Christmas pasta on "Christmas Adam" (the day before Christmas Eve) at her house. Picture of the sunset from the top of Canfield Mt. (4160'). Brent biked from Brenna's house to the mountain on Christmas day and climbed it. He thought that it would be a quick and dirty trip, but was surprised by the 2000' gain, which is as much as some of his previous Colorado 14ers trips! When it got dark on him, he realized the mountain was more than he bargained for. Brent presents Brenna's and his summer project at a research conference, where he won "Best Pulmonology Poster". The BYU Alumni at Brent's med school sung Christmas carols on the wards at the Children's Hospital during the Holidays.


Beth said...

You guys are so cute. :) Wish we could invite you over to dinner. If you're ever in town for conference or anything let me know and we'll get together. 801.803.4488 Beth

Beth said...

town being SLC