Monday, June 22, 2009

A Couple Days in Lima

Purple Corn in the Market---Used for making Chicha Morada---Yum!

Different kinds of sauces for yummy food!

Brent & I in the Parque Del Amor (Park of Love) in Miraflores...a park entirely dedicated to LOVERS! We loved it! The mosaic-tiled benches are reminiscent of Gaudi's Parque Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

A statue of a couple in a "lewd embrace" stands at the center of Love Park...a big controversy.

We can't resist original artwork! This painting has cost us more than a little trouble. Ask us for the story later.

Brent was just dying to paraglide on the coast. He had such a blast!

The Perro Peruano is about the ugliest dog I've ever seen, but nevertheless a protected dog in Peru, indigenous to the area, and they have a body temp. of about 100 degrees just on the skin.

Brent and I at the ruins of the Lima civilization (Pre-Inca) in the middle of a sweet neighboorhood in Miraflores. The "hill" was once used for motorcrossing because no one had discovered them. It's a working archeological site. Their clever building-technique helped the structure to withstand the earthquakes common to the area.

You can't talk about Peru without the Llama being mentioned. Even Frank Sinatra sings about them "Come Fly With Me, We'll float down to Peru, In Llama-land there's a one-man band, and he'll toot his flute for you."


Karel said...

Thank you for the photo updates... How exciting it is to see since we can't be there!

Melissa said...


That grocery market looks great. Be safe down there. Love you. said...

Wow! I love being a part of your world for a few minutes. I am so jealous and proud of you two. You really are best friends and have adventures that will never be forgotten. I love you both. Jackie

Chelsea said...

Brenna- you are still too cute for your own good. Love seeing these pics and reading your adventures!! I just wanted to comment on this post because that dog really is hidgeous!! Fugly would be a word that comes to mind as well. But at least it has like a bleach blonde mohok/mane thing! miss you!!