Friday, May 8, 2009


Sorry, everybody, for not keeping this updated! I've been mega busy with work, work and more work! I'm greatly looking forward to the last week in May and the first week in June when I can actually leave school after just 8 hours of work like everyone else! I've either directed or assistant directed every one of the 3 shows we've done this year at our school, so my work day from September to May is from seven a.m. to five, six, seven, eight, even nine p.m. if we're just about to open a show! I'm pretty sure I'll be accepting less commitments next year. Brent is about to finish is first full year of med school, and he's honored all of his classes but one. He's an avid mountaineer these days and keeps busy with the scouts. We're off to Peru for the summer starting in June. It couldn't come sooner! We love you all and hope to get this blog updated soon!

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