Sunday, February 22, 2009

Christmas Festivities

Me and DaVinci snuggling on Christmas.

I found an old prom dress from high school in the basement. It was a tight squeeze, but I still felt like a princess. I'm in front of one of Mom's three trees in the house.
This is the gingerbread tree.

Brent mastered a "Figgy Pudding" for Christmas Day.

Darcy taught Tawny how to make her famous deviled eggs.

We mortified Jazzy and DaVinci by making them wear this elephant costume. It gave us some good laughs.

Vinci seems to think he's the best present anyone could ever get. I agree. Receiving him on Christmas Morning two years ago brought tears to my eyes!

Brent and I show off our new Christmas pajamas on Christmas morning. Brent opts for scrubs these days. Sexy.

Brent and I tackled Christmas Eve dinner on our own...complete with
Brandied Chestnut Soup
Celery Root and Blood Orange Salad
Winter Root Vegetables
Bourbon Glazed Ham
Baked Pears in Custard


Alicia said...

What a complicated menu! Way to be a chef extrodinaire (sp?) for the occasion!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! Those kinds of meals aren't really appreciated around this house long enough to make cooking them worth the effort. It makes me happy when I see your fun cooking, because I know you had a blast doing it!

Andrew and Kristi Hill said...

You are to cute! I love to hear about how you are doing!

Chelsea said...

Brenna- i just have to tell you that i had that same prom dress but in purple!! that is so funny! love you and miss you!