Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rockclimbing Rules!

After several years absence from rockclimbing, Brent is back in the harness again, and he's taken me with him! Here are some pics from our recent trip to Golden, CO with some med. school buddies.
Isn't he sexy on the rocks???

The view of Denver from the rocks was amazing!!!

This was the point at which I about gave up!


Milmonster said...

o the pink rope. good mimories. hey tibs its good to see you have added to your rack, what are those wild countrys? I got some hexes but also have managed to loose a few more nuts. we will have to meet at videveuw next summer do some climbing and camping.

The Larsons said...

Way to go Brenna! Looks like fun.. and beautiful!

Melissa said...

I going to pinch your cute butt Brenna

Brian and Carly said...

Wow! That looks crazy! Miss you guys!


Brian and Carly said...

Hi guys!!!! I am soooo bummed that I didn't see you guys this week when I was in Denver. I had a conference downtown but spent almost every waking moment in my hotel room studying for a big exam for work which I took today... and passed!
Anyway, Car and I are signed up for a Half-Marathon and five mile run in Moab on the 21st of March. It will be the first for both of us. I am hoping to have my parents down, as well as Car's fam. Would be great to see you guys. Hope all is well! Love ya! Viva la Vida!