Friday, July 4, 2008

Moved in!

Well, we said goodbye to Provo a couple weeks ago and hello to Colorado! Moving in was a bit of agony, as we live in a third floor condo, but luckily we don't have that much furniture or anything, so it wasn't too bad. A few guys from our new ward came to help for a bit. In spite of the stairs issue, we just LOVE our place, and DaVinci does too. He, however, is missing the freedom of going outside all the time. Instead, he frequently occupies our balcony and pretends to be ferocious enough to scare away the pigeons. Now, DaVinci is no small cat. He's a healthy nine pounds, but these pigeons are other-worldly. Our neighbors may frequently see me out on the balcony, flailing my arms and hissing and yelling at the pigeons to urge them out of our little outdoor domain, but they always come back. Any suggestions? Meanwhile, Brent and I are just enjoying our vacation before the madness begins. We having been checking out all the free outdoor concerts, familiarizing ourselves with Denver, and, of course, Brent trains for his Ironman about 4-6 hours a day! We'll post pictures soon. Happy 4th, everybody!


Melissa said...

Congrats on the move-in. Concerning the birds -- it's nothing a 9mm couldn't take care of.


Anonymous said...

I hope you be happy on your new place, receive my love and best regards...
Macizo mis amigos
Tegus friend.